Aloris Profiling Tool Holder AT115-8L

Aloris Profiling Tool Holder AT115-8L
Product Code: AT115-8L
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A unique locking device which exerts a two-way force on the insert: downward and tight against the shoulder to assure rigid, positive seating. Insert choice determines positive or negative rake turning. Holders supplied as shown less carbide inserts. Accommodates standard diamond shape inserts. Left hand version; also available in right hand. (Image shows right hand version.)

Dimension (see image) A: 1"; B 1"; C: 6"; D: 11/8"
Insert size: I.C.: 5/8"; thickness: 3/16" or 1/4"

Replacement Parts:
Carbide Seat: SM-117
Hex Lock Pin: LP-15
Lock Screw: LS-15
Clamp: ACK-12
Clamp Screw: ASTC-4



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