Universal Mounting Aloris Super-Precision Single-Dovetail Head CA-H

Universal Mounting Aloris Super-Precision Single-Dovetail Head CA-H
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The rapid tool-changing versatility and accuracy synonymous with the name Aloris, is now available to users of lathes with turret tool posts or any open slot mounting arrangement. The head is also drilled for mounting on other types of tool carriages. The newly designed models of super-precision single-dovetail heads, accepts any of the wide range of tool holders in the same series, providing quick tool changing flexibility and repeat accuracy at the flick of a handle-one quarter turn locks holder in working position within .0001 inches of preset position everytime. Costly time loss due to repetitive realignment is eliminated. The socket wrench handle, included in the basic head price, is removable for possible clearance requirements when used on CNC lathes.

Dimensions (see image) A: 11/4"; B: 1"; C: 25/16"



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