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Adjustable Knurling Holder & Combo CNC Bar Puller Knurling Tool (Pg. 45)

The AT-19 Adjustable Knurling Holder is self-centering and adjustable by a conveniently located knurling knob which provides the ideal near-vertical axis approach angle for a wide range of stock diameters. Spindle and cross-slide pressure are minimal, thus knurling of thin wall tubing is easily performed. The AT-19 is designed for use in any standard trret tool post or other open-slot holder; it is also available with dovetail mounting (series 19) to fit Aloris tool posts. Precision ground 3/4" O.D. x 3/8" wide, high-speed medium diamond knurls are supplied unless otherwise specified.


The AT-20 Combo CNC Bar Puller Knurling Tool mounts into a tool slot on CNC turrets and are easily adjustable with knurls installed. The range is 1/8"-2". Opposing forces on knurls create little or no force on the machine. Just remove the two knurl lock screws, replace with bar grippers and use as a heavy duty bar puller. There are no gripper springs to remove when changing bar diameters. Just loosen the lockscrew, insert allen wrench and dial to the next size, preload approximately 1/8 rev., lock locking screw. Furnished with 1" shank without knurls or grippers. Minimum clearance required between turet and covers is 3 1/8".

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