Cut-Off & Grooving Holder BXA-77

Cut-Off & Grooving Holder BXA-77
Cut-Off & Grooving Holder BXA-77
Product Code: BXA-77
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Designed for extremely high rigidity under heavy duty conditions, and cool chatter-free operation at higher speeds. Two different blades can be used with this holder: wedge-lock throwaway insert blade, or reversible blade with brazed-in carbide tips, shown. The chip breaker is an integral part of the blade and cannot be lifted by broken chips. Simplicity is but one of the major advantages of the Series 77. Adjustment of the blade position is simple, the locking is accomplished by one screw instead of the usual number of adjusting and clamping screws. The versatility of this tool is further increased by the availability of a wide range of cutting edge widths. Holder supplied less blade. Blades are interchangeable with Iscar and Sandvik.

Dimensions (see image) A: 17/32"; B: 2"; Use with blade widths: .093", .120" and .187"



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